Things You are Doing to Stay Warm That are Actually Making You Colder


When it gets cold, we all attempt a lot of things to keep ourselves comfortable in Humble. Unfortunately, some of these things are in fact making us colder! However, Arrings A/C & Heating is always here to check on your furnace maintenance—and that will definitely keep you warm.

Check out some of the collective legends about what will help you keep cozy when the temperatures lower. These things are actually making you colder!

  • Drinking hot drinks will warm you up. Wrong. It may feel nice and warm to grasp that warm mug, but once you drink a heated beverage, your body will work against you and start your natural cooling mechanisms.
  • Ok, but alcoholic beverages can make you warmer. Wrong again. While alcohol can warm up your skin, it can actually make you chillier because it can lower your core temperature.
  • A long, hot shower or bath will do the trick. In fact, you’re only going to feel colder when you leave the warm water and the water begins to evaporate off your skin in the cool air.
  • You should always wear dark colors to absorb the sun’s heat and leave light colors for the warmer days. While it’s true that white or light clothing will reflect the sun’s rays, it may also reflect your body’s own heat back—fundamentally locking in your body warmth under your clothes.
  • Most body heat escapes through your head, so I’m good with my hat. The sum of heat that outflows from your head is comparable to the area of uncovered skin on your head compared with the rest of your body. So, cover as much skin as possible to avoid heat loss.
  • So now you know what you could be doing improperly in trying to keep yourself comfortable. What you can do that will help keep you comfortable is loyally arranging your standard annual furnace maintenance appointments with Arrings A/C & Heating in Humble. Nothing keeps you warm better than a fine-tuned furnace. Call us today at 281-713-8304 to keep warm this time of year!

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